Why a TV site?

It’s never been a better time to be a TV junkie! Because, in my opinion, TV has never been better.
Which isn’t to say, I haven’t always appreciated the lure of good programming. Growing up, I distinctly remember the Smurfs being my favorite show because it was a full hour long–which to a five-year-old is delightfully forever! I grew up in the heyday of late 80s sitcoms, kid-friendly TGIF, and Thursday nights on NBC! I remember being scared out of my mind by the Unsolved Mysteries theme music and discovering the power of a fan-base with the arrival of the X-Files. A good story, whether it be via TV, movies, or theater, has the power to transform, connect and inspire. And TV above all–through sheer accessibility–has the real ability to create a sense of community and discussion. All of this is perfect for me–a born talker. I’d love nothing more to talk about last night’s Breaking Bad, reminisce about our shared Lost obsession, debate the latest casting choice, and strike up a heated debate over finale predictions.

All of the opinions on this site are entirely my own. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to hear yours too! So let’s get talking!

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