This Is Us: Who’s the Best Pearson?

by: LGreen

(Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Every family has their favorite, don’t even try to pretend they don’t. And while the Pearsons might be better than your average family, they can’t escape this either. Somebody has to be better than somebody else. That’s just logic. So after careful deliberation, here are all the Pearsons ranked in order of increasing amazingness. It’s a familial thunder dome of awesomeness.


Chris Sullivan as Toby (NBC)

Toby isn’t really family, so don’t feel so bad that he ranks last. Also, he’s sort of not that great. Kate likes him, so that’s cool. You do you, Kate. But… he tends to be a tad high maintenance and his fashion flair is not my cup of tea. And… sometimes he a little bit makes things about him. Plus… there’s the time he awkwardly postponed the wedding on opening night of Kevin’s play. Ugh, Toby.


Justin Hartley as Kevin (NBC)

Kevin is beautiful, rich, and famous, so  even though his life’s a mess, it’s sort of hard to really feel bad for him. Most people’s rock bottom isn’t waltzing into an off-Broadway play. And I hope it all works out with Sophie, but he already blew that relationship up once (just like his Manny career and opening night of his play, so…). But on the flip side, he’s lovably clueless and does have a good heart, so it’s not all bad news for Kevin.


Milo Ventimiglia as Jack (NBC)

Why is Jack so low on this list? you might wonder. Well… he’s mostly great, like being an awesome father who works hard and is especially attentive to his three kids equally. But that crippling jealousy and drinking and driving thing knocks him down a few places.


Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth (NBC)

We don’t see very much of Beth, but when we do, she’s awesome. Patient, no-nonsense, super stylish, and the rock of that family. And that toast! The world truly is split between “before Williams and after William”. Season 2 needs more Beth!


Chrissy Metz as Kate (NBC)

If the Pearson family wasn’t already filled with fantastic human beings, Kate would be on the top of this list. Smart, funny, and ambitious–Kate’s the friend and sibling we all dream of. Kevin may be the famous one, but Kate’s the star of this show. Does Toby know how lucky he is?


Mandy Moore as Rebecca (NBC)

Is there a period of time when Rebecca was/is not awesome? Quite simply, no. I’m not sure how the whole Miguel thing plays out and the Keeping-William-A-Secret incident wasn’t the best. But if Randall can forgive her, so can we. And look, I’m no doctor, but if her explanation to Randall didn’t make you cry, you’re probably dead inside. And let’s be blunt here, anyone who can have triplets and still be that put together is probably superhuman anyway.


Sterling K. Brown as Randall (NBC)

Overachieving workaholic Super Dad Randall is not only one of the best Pearsons; he’s one of the best characters on TV. Sure, he’s wound a bit tight, but he does the best he can for those he loves. And his willingness to accept William and let himself open up was beautiful. And now he wants to adopt a baby! A new baby! This is when This Is Us makes me cry.


Ron Cephas Jones as William (NBC)

Oh, William. I want to go on a road trip to Nashville with you too. You don’t need maps; you just drive. And you’d encourage me to just drive too. And play music, walk outside, and talk to the mailman. I never talk to my mailman! But that’s about to change, friends. Just as soon as I find out who my mailman is. Thank you, William. *hat tip*

And there you have it. The whole Pearson clan ranked from mildly awesome to amazingly awesome. And also Toby.