Making History and Making Time Travel Fun Again

by: LGreen

(image via Jennifer Clasen/FOX)

Remember when time travel on Lost seemed novel? Now time travel is everywhere, from Frequency, Time after Time, Timeless, and probably something else I’m just not watching. Time travel is a great way to up the stakes of any story and introduce new characters and locations. But why does it always have to be so dramatic?? Between stopping personal tragedy, avenging wrongs, and correcting the course of history, time travel is so angsty! And then… there’s Making History. Fox’s new comedy is to time travel what Last Man on Earth is to the apocalypse–a quirky breath of fresh air.

The premise is simple. Lovable regular guy Dan (Adam Pally) spends his weekends time traveling back to Revolution-ere Boston, mostly cuz he’s bored and he can. Also, he finds his late father’s time traveling duffle bag (just roll with it). Revolutionary Dan is quite popular with the founding fathers and his colonial girlfriend, Deborah (Leighton Meester)–who just happens to be Paul Revere’s least favorite daughter.

Oh, yeah, Paul Revere is there too. And he’s kinda of a jerk. And so is John Hancock. And Sam Adams. None of these founding fathers are quite as amazing as we’d like to imagine. But none of that bothers Dan too much until he realizes he might have stopped the Revolutionary War from happening. Whoops. Enter Chris (Yassir Lester) a history professor who Dan enlists to make sure the war gets underway as it should. If not America will be doomed to a future where Starbucks only sells tea! Quelle horreur!

Associated Revolutionary War antics ensue. Chris makes and loses a nice British friend, the colonists guns are threatened, the colonists guns are saved, Paul Revere was actually Deborah in drag, though no one will acknowledge it. Don’t worry, Deborah, politics will treat women better (sorta) in another few hundred years, if you can stick it out.

odds and ends:

  • Anyone else surprised by just how indifferent the colonists were to revolution? They’re not the most motivated group.
  • I get the wig thing. Good hair really can make a big difference.
  • “Peppermint Patricias” are delicious and do have beautiful wrappers.
  • Leighton Meester is fantastic as Deborah–an adorable mixture of wacky and progressive.
  • Will Making History stick stick with the past or offer us a glimpse of the possible future?
  • If they revisit colonial America again, what other historical figures should pop up. Surely there will be an Alexander Hamilton cameo.
  • With Deborah joining the gang as they travel to the future, the combinations of historical people showing up in any time period, offers endless combinations of wacky adventures.


Making History airs Sundays on FOX at 8:30 EST