Making History and Making Time Travel Fun Again

by: LGreen

(image via Jennifer Clasen/FOX)

Remember when time travel on Lost seemed novel? Now time travel is everywhere, from Frequency, Time after Time, Timeless, and probably something else I’m just not watching. Time travel is a great way to up the stakes of any story and introduce new characters and locations. But why does it always have to be so dramatic?? Between stopping personal tragedy, avenging wrongs, and correcting the course of history, time travel is so angsty! And then… there’s Making History. Fox’s new comedy is to time travel what Last Man on Earth is to the apocalypse–a quirky breath of fresh air.

The premise is simple. Lovable regular guy Dan (Adam Pally) spends his weekends time traveling back to Revolution-ere Boston, mostly cuz he’s bored and he can. Also, he finds his late father’s time traveling duffle bag (just roll with it). Revolutionary Dan is quite popular with the founding fathers and his colonial girlfriend, Deborah (Leighton Meester)–who just happens to be Paul Revere’s least favorite daughter.

Oh, yeah, Paul Revere is there too. And he’s kinda of a jerk. And so is John Hancock. And Sam Adams. None of these founding fathers are quite as amazing as we’d like to imagine. But none of that bothers Dan too much until he realizes he might have stopped the Revolutionary War from happening. Whoops. Enter Chris (Yassir Lester) a history professor who Dan enlists to make sure the war gets underway as it should. If not America will be doomed to a future where Starbucks only sells tea! Quelle horreur!

Associated Revolutionary War antics ensue. Chris makes and loses a nice British friend, the colonists guns are threatened, the colonists guns are saved, Paul Revere was actually Deborah in drag, though no one will acknowledge it. Don’t worry, Deborah, politics will treat women better (sorta) in another few hundred years, if you can stick it out.

odds and ends:

  • Anyone else surprised by just how indifferent the colonists were to revolution? They’re not the most motivated group.
  • I get the wig thing. Good hair really can make a big difference.
  • “Peppermint Patricias” are delicious and do have beautiful wrappers.
  • Leighton Meester is fantastic as Deborah–an adorable mixture of wacky and progressive.
  • Will Making History stick stick with the past or offer us a glimpse of the possible future?
  • If they revisit colonial America again, what other historical figures should pop up. Surely there will be an Alexander Hamilton cameo.
  • With Deborah joining the gang as they travel to the future, the combinations of historical people showing up in any time period, offers endless combinations of wacky adventures.


Making History airs Sundays on FOX at 8:30 EST


Hello Again


by: LGreen

Well, hello again, TV friends. Long time no read. I’ve taken quite a bit of time off since last we spoke. I don’t get paid to write about TV, so you know, I do what I want. So what have I been up to since we last chatted? Oh you know, this and that. Lots of reading, some writing. Lots of TV watching minus the added self-imposed pressure of having to put coherent thoughts together about it.

So here’s the deal. My main rule for writing about anything is that it has to be something I love, even if it’s just a teeny bit. This doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. I’ve written about plenty (again for emphasis… plenty) of less-than-perfect shows (ahem, Revolution) because there was something fun, interesting, or otherwise redeeming about it. Little by little, post by post, there was just nothing I loved or hated enough to talk about. Or maybe I’m coming out of a year-long Hamiltonmania fever dream and finally have room in my brain for something else. Either/or/probably both. Though, for the record, I do think a little dose of added Hamilton could make for some interesting TV (see below).

You guys, he’s a lawyer!

So let’s catch up! What are the shows I’ve previously cared about (for good or bad)? And where do they stand now? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Let’s:

American Horror Story. Errr…. watched 2 episodes of Hotel and bailed. I tend to pop in and out of this show, so maybe I’ll return. And that’s a hard maybe. Wasn’t there something about witches too? Not 100% ready to write this off for good. More like 95%, but I’ve learned never say never.

Bates Motel. One of the most brilliantly written and acted shows ever. And one of my last holdouts for written coverage. But week after week, I found myself so blown away by consistently great episodes, I needed time to absorb what I watch and by the time I had anything to say, it was time for the next one. Since this one is coming to an end and already off to a great season, I’ll definitely revisit this. But first I’ll have to come to terms with Sad Romero. So so sad.

Better Call Saul. I wrote about this once and might again. But I’m still definitely watching. It’s so nice to see Mike alive and well. Well, wellish.

Breaking Bad. Gone but not forgotten. The show that made me want to force my opinions on people in the first place. (you’re welcome, everyone) Having just read “A Life in Parts” by Bryan Cranston, I’m ready for an eventual rewatch of this series sometime in the near future.

Empire. I should probably go back to this. Do it for Cookie!

Fear The Walking Dead. I only have room in my life for one zombie show. And barely even that.

Fresh off the Boat. I think I forgot about this one week and then just kept forgetting. This will likely be a Netflix binge one day.

Fringe. I miss Fringe and I can guarantee it will come up again. Suddenly network TV is filled with time travel shows, yet Fringe never took off?? I’m still annoyed. Like, really annoyed.

Game of Thrones. I want to love Game of Thrones so much. But I just don’t love all the swords and beheadings and such. It’s very well done if you can look beyond all those things.

Hostages. What was “Hostages”?

How to Get Away with Murder. I was sad to let this one go. But I could never remember who was who and who did what and why were all these stylish law students such cold blooded murderers? Everyone should go and just let Viola Davis do an hour-long one woman show where she just delivers the best speeches.

Jessica Jones. Cannot wait for this to come back. I only wish they could resurrect David Tennet. Creepiest villain ever.

Lost. This will eventually get a rewatch, stopping of course after season 5. I have no interest in the temple people and their island shenanigans.

Mad Men. I love Mad Men, but am pretty sure I’ll never rewatch it, and rarely talk about it. I prefer to let it just seep into the background of my subconscious. Frankly, Don Draper is too sad to dwell on for too long. And Matthew Weiner’s next show looks fascinating!

Odd Mom Out. I watch this. I enjoy it.

Orange Is The New Black. You guys, this got really sad.

Scandal. I have so many mixed feelings about Scandal. My favorite thing though, is all the clothes!

Shameless. This went from must-watch viewing to Netflix binge viewing, so I can fast forward through the Frank parts.

Shark Week. I wish it was Shark Week already.

Sleepy Hollow. I was on the fence until Abby was killed off. Nope. Crane is still one of the best recent characters though.

The Affair. This show went from being about an affair to an affair’s 5 year aftermath and 30 year buildup. Fascinating stuff. (needs more Cole)

The Bridge. I recall liking this.

The Good Wife. I should have said something about the Good Wife finale because people seemed stunned that Alicia ended up not being so nice. Why did we all assume so was so nice in the first place? Because her husband was worse?

The Last Man on Earth. Sadly this didn’t survive what I like to call the Sunday Night TV Thunder Dome.

The Leftovers. A 1000% the most interesting show out there. Cannot wait for this to come back.

Treme. Gone be never–NEVER–forgotten.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love that this is quirky and upbeat with occasional reminders that Kimmy’s story is actually pretty dark. There’s so much honesty packed into such a weird show. If 30 Rock and Parks and Rec had a redheaded love child, it would be Kimmy.

Veep. I think I love Veep. But now that we’re all living it, I question everything.

Wayward Pines. Few things in life are certain. Never talking about Wayward Pines is however, a sure bet.

Zoo. I gave up when there were CGI’d ants or some such thing. Still sort of fun show, if you’re down with CGI’d ant attacks.

So that’s where we stand, TV friends. There is also a slew of new things I’m loving and watching. To be discussed at a later date…

Happy viewing!