Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: 13 Favorite Moments from Season 2

by: LGreen

image via Netflix

image via Netflix

Are you still watching Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or like me, did you binge it in one weekend? …You binged it, didn’t you? Understandable. Kimmy Schmidt’s second season is as catchy and irresistible as its theme song, dammit! Kimmy and the gang all return (no supporting player left behind!), for more post-bunker New York adventures. And in that way, this second season is not much different than its first. But rather than a season dedicated to a series of Kimmy’s “firsts,” season 2 takes the time to develop characters and tightly weave their lives together. Without evoking too many 30 Rock comparisons, you can see this group of oddball friends as intertwined and connected as Liz Lemon and Co. were. Kimmy Schmidt’s second outing is as charming as the first, but also weirder, sharper, and even funnier.

Here are 13 of its best moments:

  1. Mike the season 1 construction worker: The development of the catcalling season 1 construction worker from one-off joke to not only a returning character, but one so pivotal to Titus’s development, is possibly my favorite turn for season 2. Mikey’s search for honesty for himself and his relationships injected a huge dose of reality into this otherwise over-the-top version of New York. It proves that Kimmy’s New York is a small world and every character is important.
  2. Titus falls in love. I love everything about Titus. But I mostly love that Kimmy Schmidt is letting him become a deeper person. I could watch his fame-seeking-pinot-noir-drinking self forever, but watching him learn how to earn his happiness brought out more feels than I ever expected. If his monologue about never having a coming out moment didn’t move you, well then, your heart is probably a little bit frozen. Sorry.
  3. Music. Kimmy Schmidt is the best scored show on TV, with music adding that extra zaniness that makes Kimmy’s New York so downright weird. Its use of music integral to the plot is delightful, whether it’s Kimmy’s all-cartoon faux-Disney happy place fantasy, or Titus’s musical theater history lessons. Admit it, you’d go see “Jeff, the Gangly Orphan,” wouldn’t you?
  4. Lillian has a purpose. Lillian was my least favorite thing about season 1, often seeming weird for the sake of being weird. And don’t get me wrong, weird is awesome, but her sharpened offbeat passion for the degentrification of East Dogmouth gave her a relatable focus. Also, she dates Robert Durst, which I can totally see.
  5. Junkyard Elmos. I’m glad a show like Kimmy Schmidt is finally calling attention to the scourge of dirty Elmos plaguing midtown. Let this be a warning to your innocent and naive friends visiting from out-of-town, just say no: No to drugs, and especially no to doing them with junkyard Elmos.
  6. Dyziplen. Buckley needs some discipline dyziplen. This joke would have been enough as a single punchline, but was followed through by showing hordes of vacant Upper East Side kids drugged into complacent stupors. Honorable mention goes to therapist Andrea’s t-shirt shout out.
  7. Pacey! Can Joshua Jackson show up for cameos in every show?
  8. Jacqueline is sort of nice. While Jacqueline was busy spearheading her doomed cause to her rich friends, something interesting happened: she became sort of nice. Proof that Kimmy’s influence on everyone is the heart and soul of this very strange show. Also, Jacqueline will end up super rich again, so it’s really win/win for everyone. And she has to put up with Russ’s fipple and moist beard, so she’s totally earning that money
  9. Oh heyyyy, Tina Fey. I was enjoying this season so much, I was completely caught off guard by Tina Fey’s late season arrival as drunk Uber passenger/therapist Andrea. This is my favorite of all of Fey’s characters, a smart, wise truth-telling hot mess, that’s very caring, but also a little bit mean.
  10. Bye, Dong. In theory, I like Kimmy paired up with her GED friend Dong because they’re both newcomers to this world. But Dong is sort of boring  and I like that the show didn’t drag out his stay. Sorry you got deported, Dong, but at least a fancy night in an abandoned Poconos resort is how one exits in style.
  11. Mike’s grandmother. In case you’re still watching, I won’t post a picture of Mikey’s grandmother at family dinner. This was the best laugh-out-loud sight gag yet on Kimmy Schmidt. Or probably any show.
  12. A cliffhanger? I’m not a huge fan of this season’s last moments, essentially a cliffhanger in which the Reverend calls to say that he’s getting married while in prison, so he and Kimmy need a divorce. If she’s married, wouldn’t Kimmy already know? And how hard would it be to get divorced from someone who went to prison for kidnapping you? This doesn’t seem like much of a cliffhanger. But… if this means more Jon Hamm next season, then I’m all about it.
  13. Kimmy’s mom: I was so ready to hate Kimmy’s mom, but it’s impossible to hate Lisa Kudrow, so well done, Kimmy Schmidt! She’s just zany enough to fit into this world, but has enough heart to remind you that everyone has a story. “Sometimes you just wanna scream your head off, and a rollercoaster’s the only place no-one looks at you weird.” How can you hate someone as honest as that?

Odds and Ends:

  • Of course Jacqueline has a bag made of the skins of famous internet cats
  • If I can see NJ, then it can see me!” (I love NJ jokes)
  • I loved that Titus’s one-man show was actually good. For anyone who’s ever been dragged to one at 10:30 at night in the Lower East Side, you were surprised too.
  • Does anyone else miss seeing Josh Charles on TV!?
  • Everyone sounds like Chandler on the internet” is the most succinct description of the internet ever.
  • SpongeBob does look like a cheese businessman, and is that really any stranger than a sponge who wears pants and lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  • I can identify with Kimmy, because I too really loved Frasier in the 90s.



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