TV’s Best and Worst Mothers

by: L Green

Betty Draper. Mother of the year.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day! So be sure to call your Mom because your mom is awesome! TV moms… that’s not always the case. Some are great and some are, well, less so. Here’s a roundup of the best and worst TV moms out there. (though your mom is still the best, no?)

Best: Fiona (American Horror Story). She’s mean and spiteful, borderline abusive, actually abusive, cold, distant, and murderous. But she’s so stylish! A mom who wears Louboutins! And she apologized in the end, which is what really counts.

Worst: Claire (The Following). Claire means well, but what a dummy. First of all, she had a baby with a serial killer (or maybe Kevin Bacon, but that’s not great either). Then she comes out of witness protection and gets all tangled up in the plot to kill Joe. Just stay where you are Claire and let the professionals handle this (0r not, cuz you know, it’s the Following). Claire should be home checking homework, not throwing herself in the path of a serial killer. Dumb.

Worst: Cersei (Game of Thrones). Like Fiona, she’s awesome and beautiful in a lot of ways, but she’s also the worst in every otherĀ  way. Great hair can’t excuse murder, adultery, or incest. Don’t even get me started on the bitchy resting face situation. You think your mother disapproves of your life decisions… Cersei’s got her beat by a mile.

Best: Leslie (Parks and Recreation). We didn’t see much of Leslie in action as a mother, but why wouldn’t she be as awesome as she is in everything else? Leslie Knope is a winner and she will run circles around all those other slacker moms out there. (“I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.”)

Best: Michonne (The Walking Dead). Michonne is a better mom to Carl than Lori ever was. Not only has she managed to stay alive for him, but she actually talks to him and unlike Lori, always knows where he is.

Worst: Betty (Mad Men). Betty gets a lot of grief from viewers, which always surprised me because it’s not like Mad Men is otherwise filled with wonderful mothers. She usually comes off as just a little immature and selfish–which is nothing compared to Don’s horrible behavior. But shaming Bobby for trading her sandwich hours after it happened was too much. Why would he assume she was eating lunch when she never eats? She should have praised him for having some common sense.

Worst: Elizabeth (The Americans). She only had children so as to not blow her cover as a secret K.G.B. operative hiding out in plain sight. Not exactly the miracle of motherhood here.

Best: Alicia (The Good Wife). Alicia Florek can do no wrong ever. Never has, never will, the end, case closed. She should be everyone’s mother.

Worst: Rachel (Revolution). No matter how much your mom may drive you crazy, I bet she never broke the world in a desperate attempt to save the child she loved the most. The child that wasn’t you.

Best: Holly (Dance Moms). It’s hard to be the voice of reason on any reality show, but Holly somehow makes it work. She watches everyone else around her lose their minds and quietly uses it as teachable moments for the kids. I’m eagerly awaiting Holly’s book on how to parent in the middle of reality TV nuttiness.

Worst: Everyone else (Dance Moms). I don’t get that show.

Worst: Katrina (Sleepy Hollow). Worst mom in centuries. She had her secret baby at a friend’s house, which got him killed. Then she gave her newborn away (!) to a couple that ended up dying because of it. Then the baby grew up to be an abused miserable outcast that was buried alive only to return as a 60-year-old John Noble, who tried to kill everyone. Bang up parenting job.

Best: Norma (Bates Motel). Norma will stop at nothing to make sure her Norman is safe. Nothing is off limits: she’ll lie to Norman, lie for Norman and about Norman. She makes his business her business and does what it takes to make sure he know she’s always (really always there for him). There are no boundaries between her and Norman.

Worst: Norma (Bates Motel). Norma has another son that she sort of hates a little bit.

Worst: Claire (Modern Family). Claire’s a type-A meddling mess, who incessantly nags her awesome husband and won’t leave her kids alone for a second. She’s also super jealous of Gloria and can’t stop bickering with Mitch over issues from their childhood. Everything is about Claire and everything is a contest. Claire is the worst.

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